A baby frozen, uncooked lechon, for home cooking

Product Condition : New
NEW ! You dont have to wait now until the next Xmas party to enjoy lechon. Our new product is a complete inexpensive baby suckling pig, small enough to fit in a UK oven if you remove the head. Weighs between 4 and 5 kilos. Supplied cleaned, frozen and vacuum packed direct to your door, to be kept in your freezer until needed for that special occasion  - or Xmas if you are tired of turkey. You can cook it Cebu or Bicol style to give that genuine pinoy lechon taste. Dont forget we can also supply the authentic lechon sauce (and the banana leaves), to add to your ethnic feast.
Shipped separately on Thursdays in its own polystyrene box.
Larger frozen suckling pigs of up to 23 kilos are also available for spit roasting.
Alternative weights are - 7 to 8 kilos, 10 to 14 kilos and, 16 to 23 kilos. Please ask for pricing.