Tupig - An Ethnic Kakanin

Oops, sorry, wrong picture! -  Im sure Imelda said we were selling 2 pigs.
No doubt, like all husbands, I will suffer for my little (English) joke. However:-  Originating from the
Ilicos region of Northern Luzan, this is an ethnic kakanin or rice delicacy, traditionally eaten over the Xmas and New Year period but much too 'ang sarap' not to eat at any time. It is made of ground glutinous rice mixed with coconut milk, toasted sesame seeds and strips of tender, young coconut meat, all wrapped in banana leaves and cooked slowly over charcoal.
The result gives a 'chewy' soft delicious center with crunchy charred bits on the edges. mmmmmasarap!
Not suitable for people with an allergy to nuts, (or people too 'posh' to eat street food with their fingers).