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 MABUHAY! Our products are grouped by country of origin or interest on our website. For example, you can access all products likely to be of interest to Filipinos by clicking on the FILIPINO section at the top of the page. A drop-down sub-section menu will then appear. Likewise if you click on other national headings.
Alternatively if you entered "noodles" in the 'search our products' box it would bring up all our noodle products, - irrespective of their country of origin.  A third search method is to enter the product manufacturers name in the search box if you are looking for a specific brand, e.g. "Lucky Me" and it would then bring up just the "Lucky Me" products. Proudly Pinoy.

To take a quick "virtual tour" of our Stockport shop - click on the picture of our shop on our homepage and then drag the arrow in the direction you want to walk.
"Adastra Pacific" all the Tagalog you need to know when buying Pinoy groceries in the UK. 
Finally - if you place an order, first refresh your browser and please dont forget to provide your full contact details, (phone number and Email address), so that if we are out of stock of an item we can try to ring your mobile and suggest an alternative, and if the courier is delayed he can let you know. We will not give your details to any third party. If we cant contact you to agree an alternative product we will reimburse you for the missing item(s) either by a cash refund with your order or via PayPal.
Please remember - because our couriers dont work at the weekends we dont ship on Friday, Saturday or Sunday and if your Thursday order contains frozen food we wont ship it until Monday.